Supercharge your placement rounds.

Our solution digitises and automates processes to enable greater deal distribution, while also reducing overheads and compliance risk. Unleash your power with your brand and our best-in-class placement management software.

Technology that helps your business grow.

One platform. Powerful placement management

Digital deal workflow

End-to-end digital workflow, enabling you to execute more deals with the same or fewer resources, while minimising compliance risk, and tracking every interaction your investors make.

Invite, onboard, KYC

Digitally invite and onboard your investors. Our KYC/KYB and suitability checks are built out for institutional and retail investors types.

Data room

Secure, digital data room for sharing diligence documents with interested investors. Can be placed behind a NDA firewall.

NDA execution

Execute and manage NDAs digitally, with our integrated e-signature functionality

Order book management

Collect indications of interest, marked up termsheets, or directly book-build. Our digital platforms bring highly efficient order management to your placement process.

Document execution

Manage and execute completion documents, from shareholder agreements, to convertible notes, loan notes, or anything else that’s relevant to completing the deal.

Securities issuance

Our automated settlement system facilitates quicker and simpler completion of your raises.

Cash custody & escrow

As a custodian authorised and regulated by the FCA, we can act as the cash collection point during the subscription process.